FAQs Associated With Crystal Candles Answered


People are intrigued with crystal healing and how it works. So, when you discover that blending scent power and olfactory senses with crystal healing sounds interesting. There are many common questions associated with fragrance and crystal candles that you need to understand first.

You will also need some essential oils and fragrances to add to your crystal candle decoration. At Aussie Candle Supplies, you can buy pure candle scents and wax to make a healing crystal candle.

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FAQs associated with crystal candles

What is a crystal candle?

It is a specially made candle embellished with botanicals and crystals. They are unique and made with a purpose. For example, each candle is infused with specific crystals that work on different chakras. The fragrances will blend with the purpose of healing.

Is infusing crystals in the candle safe?

A professionally and correctly made candle with dried flowers and crystals is safe as any other scented candle. The dried flowers and crystals are kept away from the wicks. When the wax pool reaches the dried flowers they get coated with wax and sink.

How to safely use crystal candles?

Light the candles incorporating embellishments, crystals, or botanicals. The crystals and botanicals will move around as the crystals burn. Never allow the candle to burn unattended. The wick has to be trimmed and 5 mm long for a better burn. In the end, remove the crystals and wash them with warm soapy water.

Which are the most popular crystals used in candles?

In candle decoration, you will find the most popular ones used in crystal healing. It includes citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, peacock ore, aventurine, clear quartz, and selenite. Crystals include clusters, chips, tumbles, hearts, spheres, points, and raw pieces.

Can you clean all the crystals with warm water?

Some stones cannot be cleaned including red coral, selenite, moonstone, azurite, calcite, and Angelite. The crystals that end with ‘ite’ are unsuitable for cleaning with water.

How to decorate candles with crystals?

After pouring a candle including essential blends allow it to set for 20 to 24 hours before decorating it with dried lavender flowers and crystals. It will help you add crystals and other embellishments with ease.

Choose the crystal and create an arrangement on paper before decorating the candle.

Melt the wax on top with a heat gun. Keep the heat gun away from the wick and even make sure it is not high up on the surface because this can create a splash or uneven surface.

Complete the arrangement as per the basic design on paper. For a detailed design, there will be a need to reheat the top surface. Place large crystals first and keep small ones till the end to prevent them from getting drowned or coated completely with wax.

When you use large crystals clusters or points or raw pieces there will be a need to dig a small hole inside the wax for arranging the crystal properly. The next step is to heat the candle surface to melt the wax surrounding the crystal and accommodating it smoothly.

Allow the crystal candle to set completely before you light it.

Relax and enjoy the healing from the scented crystal candle you created!

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