How to Get the Word Out When You Have a New Product or Service


When you have spent time and money creating a new product or service for your business, you will want to make sure that your customers know about it and what it can do for them. This means that the work does not stop once the product or service is ready for use. You will need to put some time and effort into launching and promoting this new product or service. If you fail to promote it, you will be unlikely to get the sales you want, and you may even end up losing money. So, with that in mind, what is the best way to let your customers know that you have something new to offer?

When You Have a New Product

Use Popups on Your Website

If you want your customers to know about your new product or service, the best way to do this is by alerting them when they visit your website. An entry popup will flash up on the visitor’s screen and will tell them about your new product or service. You can also include a discount code for those who buy the new service or product.

Target Customers Leaving Without Purchasing

You can also use exit popups that will target customers leaving your website without making a purchase. Sometimes, a reminder of the new product and the discount will be enough to prompt a last-minute change of mind.

Email Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most popular methods for promoting new products or services, and emails are a powerful tool. You can create a mailing list from existing customers (customers will need to opt in) and then you can send out weekly newsletters, information about upcoming sales, and announcements regarding new products or services.

Direct Mail

The folk at Full Tilt Direct say that direct mail is also advantageous when it comes to highlighting new products or services. You can send out a postcard or flyer to your local community to tell them all about it and include a special discount specific to that direct mail campaign. This affordable marketing tool works well alongside other forms of advertising, particularly digital marketing. With a special discount codeor landing page, you can also track the effectiveness of the campaign to measure results.

Social Media

Paying for adverts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become very popular and can yield fantastic results. However, you can use social media in other ways too. For example, why not reach out to a social media influencer and ask if they would be willing to try your product or service for free in return for an honest review of it. If they like it, they will be likely to give a glowing review and share it with their friends or followers. This could be a game-changer and lead to huge orders.

You can also use your own social media pages to get results. Some companies will run competitions or giveaways where all people need to do to enter is share the page to their own page or story and tag friends. This gets your name and products in the faces of more people and can increase sales.


Advertising like digital out of home (DOOH) a new product or service is crucial if you want to get a high return on your investment. Luckily, there are many methods that can be utilized, including both digital and print media. In fact, using the two forms of advertising together can yield amazing results. Try combining direct mail postcards with a social media campaign to see what happens.

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