How to include Amazon affiliate links in blog posts?


Blogging is one of the best ways to promote Amazon affiliate products that will help reach more people in a quick turnaround time. Those who have a blog should consider including affiliate links in the content which gives ways to gain more benefits. On the other hand, they should know how to use them in blog posts properly from experts or other sources to get the desired outputs. Adding Amazon affiliate links on a blog provides methods to monetize the content significantly.

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Tips to use Amazon affiliate links in blog posts

1. Not going overboard

One of the biggest mistakes made by a blogger is overloading a post with a lot of links in the content. No one likes them and bloggers should take a moment when they want to include links in a post. They should take a moment while including them that will help a lot to obtain optimal results. Keeping the affiliate links to content ratio allows associates to ensure high conversion rates.

2. Using high-quality images of products

Associates should consider using high-quality images of products during promotional activities. In addition to that, they can use them to link Amazon affiliate products which give ways to obtain optimal results. A blogger can even add a no-follow tag to the hot-linked images that will result in major advantages.

3. Avoiding links in the first paragraph

Most bloggers will include links in the first paragraph of the content. They should avoid this practice when it comes to promotional activities. It is wise to include Amazon affiliate links in the middle of the content depending on the number of words. This, in turn, gives ways to increase the traffic flow to a website to get high visibility in search engines.

4. Adding links that look natural

Associates should consider adding links that look natural when they want to include them in a blog post. Furthermore, customers will click them immediately which will increase sales to a large extent. An affiliate should use the word “here” for the clickable word which takes visitors to a product page.

5. Writing detailed product reviews

Writing a detailed product review is one of the best strategies to generate more sales in the Amazon affiliate program. Anyone who is using WordPress should consider installing some plug-ins for meeting essential needs. At the same time, it is wise to know about them in detail while promoting a brand through a blog.

6. Adding no-follow attributes

Amazon affiliates should consider adding no-follow attributes while including links in a blog post. Not only that, it will help avoid any penalties that help improve the traffic in search engines which improves the visibility.

7. Avoiding redirection or cloaking

Amazon marketers should avoid redirection or cloaking when they want to include the links in the content. They can even visit Zonbase blog Amazon affiliate to know more about how to become an associate in detail. Besides that, it allows an associate to sell products with the best strategies to get high conversion rates.

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