Maid Insurance Services Provided by HL Assurance


HL Assurance or Hong Leong Assurance is one of the major subsidiaries of the group Hone Leong Financial. This company primarily focuses on providing services that involve insurance products. Although Hong Leong Insurance features a huge range of plans such as Accident Protect360, Critical Illness Protect360, Phone Protect360, Home Protect360, Car Protect360, and Travel Protect360, their best-selling product is the Maid Protect360; to know more about the details regarding the other policies the company sells, visit Maid Insurance Singapore.

Maid Insurance Services Provided by HL Assurance

Since domestic helpers are vulnerable within their field of work, the concerned leading sectors have promoted the application for maid insurances so that these people should have assurance regarding their safety. And with the hundred providers established HL Assurance is known to provide some of the greatest services for maid insurances; listed below are the summaries for these plans.


Exclusive plans are known for their best coverage. Its maximum coverage for accidental death could take up to S$60,000 and also, a similar amount for permanent disability. For its medical expenses, the plan can cover S$200 per session for the clinical visit, S$400 per accident for the dental, S$100 per visit for the ambulance fee, S$200 annually for the treatment from Chinese Physician, and S$300 for physiotherapy. Moreover, hospital and surgical bills can be paid up to S$80,000 with S$40,000 for the annual sub-limit. Although the exclusive plan is a little pricy, its coverage for other additional features is still worth it. And as such, a total of S$10,000 can be covered for repatriation expenses, S$5,000 for manpower insurance guarantee bond-ministry, S$600 for re-hiring and termination expenses, S$5,000 for special grant, S$7,000 for liability to the third parties, S$3,000 for maid’s personal belongings, S$60 per day for levy reimbursement and wages compensation, and $30,000 for the home contents for cases of accidental fire.


Premier plans are known to be the most popular amongst any plans the company provides. This offers two various values for its essential coverage rate which includes S$290 within a period term of 14 months and S$377 for 26 months. Similarly to the previous plan, this covers S$60,000 for the client’s permanent disablement and accidental death. However, some of its features pay a little lesser than the exclusive plan. To be specific, the amount for medical expenses could reach a total of S$3,000 with S$100 for clinical visits, S$250 for dental, S$100 for ambulance fee, S$100 for treatment by a physician, and S$250 for physiotherapy.


Enhanced plans have essential coverage rates of S$225 for a period term of 14 months and S$292 for 26 months. With the same rates to the other plans, this is also offered with optional coverage rates including S$53.50 for waiver of counter indemnity, $110 for insurance guarantee bond, S$189 for enhanced medical benefits like treatment for critical illnesses, infectious diseases, and additional surgical and hospital expenses, and S$149.80 for medical examination within 6 months.

For the other coverage, a total of S$2,000 is secured for medical expenses which include S$75 for clinical visits, S$100 for dental care, S$250 for ambulance fee, and S$40,000 for the hospital and surgical expenses. Furthermore, S$10,000 was covered for repatriation expenses, S$5,000 for manpower insurance, S$300 for termination and rehiring expenses, S$2,000 for special grants, S$3,000 for liabilities to third parties, S$1,000 for maid personal belongings, S$30 for wages compensation, and S$10,000 for the home contents.


Lastly, for their basic plans, medical expenses could be cover for a total of S$1,000, unfortunately only S$50 per clinical visit is included for its service. However, a total of S$30,000 is paid for hospital and surgical expenses for which S$15,000 is for the annual sub-limit. For the other features, this has S$10,000 for the repatriation expenses, S$5,000 for the insurance guarantee bond-ministry of the manpower, S$200 for the rehiring and termination expenses, and S$5,000 for the home contents during unforeseen circumstances. Also, this only has an essential coverage rate of S$184 for 14 months period term and S$239 for 26 months period term.


Domestic workers have been great for people who are always working and who have no time to take care of their family and their home. These maids are willing to serve their employers with all the best care and help they could give. And in return, to ensure their safety, financial institutions were established to provided and cover the expenses the workers need during unforeseen circumstances. As an example, Hong Leong Insurance was known to be one of the best service providers available in the market right now. With great and appropriate policies they give, surely, workers and as well as their employers will be able to accomplish their tasks with a peace of mind; to know more about the details regarding the other policies the company sells, visit Maid Insurance Singapore.

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