Outdoor Projects for Boosting a Home’s Value


If you have ever sold a property – or worked at all with a real estate brokerage worth their salt – then you will have heard the term “curb appeal” bandied about quite a lot. This is because it is important. A property’s curb appeal refers to everything about the property that makes an impression on a person when viewed from the outside. In other words, it’s a property’s first impression, and therefore it is pretty important to get it right. As you can expect, curb appeal is primarily made up of the front of the house (and everything that this involves) as well as the front lawn and general outdoor space surrounding the property. Seller’s looking to shift their property as quickly as possible and for a competitive price will always take great pains to perfect the curb appeal. Of course, outdoor projects don’t just involve the curb appeal; there’s also the back of the house to take into consideration too. This will rarely make a “first impression”, but whether it is the third, fourth, or last impression, the state of a property’s back space has serious value-boosting (or sapping) potential. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage that specializes in upmarket luxury homes and condos,say that the market is never staticand therefore neither are the outdoor projects that will add the most value. How much value they add is also contingent on what type of property is being sold. A condo, after all, has quite a different outdoor space than a detached house.

Outdoor Projects to Boost a Home’s Value

We don’t know what type of property you are hoping to sell, and so it’s impossible to advise on the specific outdoor projects that will add the most value to any given home. However, market data does reveal what type of outdoor projects are most commonly embarked upon when a home is being sold, as well as which ones are most fashionable (and therefore value-adding) right now. There is no substitute for the advice of a professional realtor, but the following outdoor projects are as close to a safe bet as you can get. One thing to bear in mind though before embarking on any outdoor project is that they will only be profitable if the amount spent on them is less than the value added. This is a calculation a realtor will be able to make pretty accurately. So, ensure that you seek advice before shelling out for any of these. Here then follows the top outdoor projects for adding value:

A New Door

It’s a relatively small part of any property, but it is nevertheless the portal through which all viewers will actually enter your home. Accordingly, it has long been a sure value booster, but pay attention to the latest trends before sprucing up or replacing your front door. Lawncare and Landscaping Lawncare is essential.Even if it is your neighbor’s lawn that is shabby, this will subtract value. Be sure to have it freshly mown and neat before any viewing. Landscaping, on the other hand, refers to everything besides the grass and garden furniture.Get this right and you are sure to add value too.

A Deck or Patio

Chances are, these will be located out back. However, you can install a deck at the front of the home, meaning not only a value boost but a curb appeal boost, too. Whatever you ultimately go for, be sure to make the project cost effective and defer always to the latest trends in your property area. Andif you don’t know what these are, it’s time to bring in the realtor.

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