Purchase Lanyards Made of Corn for Your Organization and Boost Brand Visibility


Lanyards are everywhere. When you enter any organization like colleges, hospitals, office, you’ll find students, staffs, employers wearing lanyards. People also wear them during conferences and other events. They are worn on the neck or fitted around the arm, wrist or waist.

Purchase Lanyards Made of Corn for Your Organization and Boost Brand Visibility

Lanyard materials commonly used:

Lanyards are made from different material including nylon, corn, plastic, silicon, and leather. Nylon ones are glossy and smooth to touch but the color fades under constant exposure to light. Silicone lanyards stretch easily but are limited to only few colors. Leather looks professional but it isn’t too comfortable to wear.

The above three options are quite expensive. Since plastics have a huge negative impact on the environment, many are shunning plastic lanyards. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and cost-efficient lanyard material, corn lanyards are ideal. Compared to its synthetic alternatives, they produce 65% less greenhouse gases during production.

Opt for an eco-friendly solution:

Switch to lanyards made of corn and let the world know your company is serious about conserving the environment. Custom Earth Promos is based on Florida and one of the top companies offering eco-friendly lanyards. Check out the different options available in their website. Their lanyards are durable and are of high-quality.

Lanyards serve many purposes. They aren’t just about employee or student identification. It does look so simple on the outward. But what is the reason for its incredible popularity?

How do lanyards benefit the organization?

  • Marketing: It is an effective marketing strategy. Every business owner knows the power of marketing. Marketing is the one of the crucial driving forces of all businesses. People recognize your brand name easily.
  • Inexpensive: You can use it as promotional giveaways during business events. They are a cost-efficient form of marketing.
  • Safety: Safety is an important concern in any organization. You don’t want unauthorized personnel entering your premises. Having your employees/students wear lanyard at all times increases security.
  • Better customer interaction: When your employees wear lanyards, customers find it easier to interact with them. Since the lanyard has your name in it, it creates a sense of familiarity.
  • Sense of unity among employees: It creates a level of trust and unity among employers. They are driven to work together for the success of the business.

How do lanyards benefit the wearer?

It is a practical solution to carry ID cards. Event attendees would be required to verify their details using ID card during registration. Lanyards are handy in such situations. Rather than holding it wherever they go (and risk losing them), they can go hands-free and use lanyard to flash their ID.

It also helps employees to easily make friends with other colleagues. Those who are new to the office can recognize others easily using the lanyard. It helps them to connect with other branch personnel attending a corporate event.

Lanyards made of corn are long-lasting. You won’t be required to order new ones often because of its durability. Choose the right manufacturer to ensure delivery of good-quality lanyards.

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