Ways to Make Your Rentals More Attractive


When you own rentals, you want them to get tenants. For this to happen, you need to make sure that your rentals are worth their salt. Doing some tenant screening before you rent out your premise is essential. But before you can get to that, you first need to have people who are interested in renting your premise. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your rentals catch the eyes of people looking to rent. When these properties are well-cared for and under the right property management, you will have many potential tenants calling you. Although your tenant will get their money’s worth when the home is in excellent condition, you will also benefit in asking for a higher price rent. Here are a few ways through which you can make your property more attractive and appealing to tenants.

1. Clean the residence

It’s imperative as a property owner to clean your rental once the previous tenant leaves. Although it may sound like an obvious thing, many forget this. The cleaning that needs to be carried out is not just a normal cleaning on the surface, but deep cleaning. The property will not appeal to a good audience when it is not in excellent condition. This is essential, especially if the previous tenant left a lot of dirt on the house surfaces. When cleaning, pay attention to the bathrooms and kitchens as this is where you are likely to find accumulated dirt. After the deep cleaning, the house should be sparkling and excellent for any quality renter to look through. Finally, a deep cleaning may become expensive if your previous tenant left the place too dirty that some surfaces need replacing. Therefore, it may be wise to use tenant screening services to ensure that your new tenant will take better care of their rental space.

2. Upgrade your rental

Sometimes your rental property may fail to attract potential tenants because most of the amenities in the home are outdated. Therefore to make it more marketable, you should update the appliances, equipment, and facilities. Pay the most attention to the bathrooms and kitchen because these are the areas that people are most keen and particular about. Make sure your kitchen is equipped with modern and high-quality equipment, and this will impress quality tenants. Additionally, consider upgrading the bathtub and countertops in the bathroom if they are dated. Another essential thing to improve is the storage. Update your storage areas to modern and more efficient storage spaces in every room in the house. This way, you can even ask for higher rental rates. Look at your potential tenant’s tenant credit report to ensure that they will be able to honor the lease and pay the rent rates that you want to ask.

3. Add security features

After cleaning and upgrading the facilities in the property, the next important thing is adding security. Tenants will be more attracted to your space; when they feel that they will be safe and secure during their stay. Adding features such as smoke detectors, window locks, and fencing with lockable entrance will also play a big part in making your rental more attractive.  Further methods would include detailing manned security bearing 5.56 ammo and guns.

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Incorporating these features into your property will be more appealing, and therefore, you will be able to attract quality tenants to your property.

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