10 Employee Retention

10 Employee Retention Solutions for Keeping Your Best Talent

423 Views  Employee retention refers to an organization’s capacity to keep its employees over time. It measures a company’s success in maintaining employees and preventing them from leaving the firm. Employee retention is an important indicator for businesses since it has a substantial impact on the company’s overall success. A high staff turnover rate can […]

Vertical, Horizontal, or Hourly – Which Planner is Right for Me?

Vertical, Horizontal, or Hourly – Which Planner is Right for Me?

370 ViewsIt is easy to think that planners are always arranged in a simple and familiar way, without much variation. This misconception arises because most people are familiar with calendars, not planners. In fact, although the familiar days, weeks, and months laid out in rectangle squares might be the most familiar planner layout, it’s far […]

Major Types of Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Kavan Choksi Discusses Three Major Types of Companies in the United Arab Emirates

394 ViewsUnited Arab Emirates [UAE] are a compelling destination for company formation and entrepreneurship. There are three major categories of companies one get to choose from when starting a business in this country. They are Free Zone, Mainland and Offshore companies. A renowned business expert, Kavan Choksi mentions that investors and entrepreneurs need to gain […]

A Guide to Ecommerce

A Guide to Ecommerce Website Maintenance

315 ViewsIn the old days of retail business, before the internet opened up the opportunity to all and sundry, “taking care of the shop” was a central part of running any kind of retail store. From a 7/11 toa department store, the storefront needs to be arranged, the products attractively displayed around the store, the […]

Management System

How to Manage Seasonal Demand With a B2B Order Management System?

290 ViewsIn most wholesale businesses, demand fluctuates throughout the year. Many organizations see uniform sales at all times; however, some organizations see maximum sales during a specific time of year, like higher demand for sun’s cream during summer and high demand for snow caps during winter. Some organizations notice peaks and valleys happen at predictable […]

Third-party risk management

How Third-Party Risk Management Is Evolving in 2022

358 ViewsOver the last few years, the industry has seen many dynamic changes. Third-party risk management started many years back but is now evolving rapidly. It mainly focuses on risk management that can occur due to the involvement of third-party, including control, access, processes, and data storage. Security control plays a vital role when pressure […]