How to Prepare Your Home for Rental

When private individuals rent out vacation properties, it is nearly always the case that these properties are a type of second home, a property other than the main residence. The vacation rental market in the U.S. is growing steadily, and many are waking up to the unique investment opportunity that renting out a vacation home offers.

Hot Springs Village rental homes, homes for sale, and Arkansas real estate experts, note this is becoming a popular option not only because of the growing market, but because of the sheer versatility it offers.

A vacation home canbe situated in a complex of other vacation homes in an area specifically for vacationing in. It could also be a singular property situated anywhere that a private resident wishes to rent out. Furthermore, vacation home does notmean the same thing as second home – sometimes, owners even rent out their primary residence.

But is this a good idea? Naturally, it isn’t much of a good idea if the owner needs to live in it as well! Nevertheless, there are many circumstances when it might make sense. Amongthese is when the home is empty for an extended period. In such circumstances, renting out your primary residence can provide a useful revenue stream.

However, there is a way to go about renting out your primary residence, and especially important is how you prepare the home for rental. Naturally, your main residence is going to be furnished and including everything necessary for living, but it’s a mistake to assume that nothing need to be done before rental.

When you rent out a primary residence to vacationers for a period, the aim is both to attract interest and to ensure the property is ready for vacationing. Your usual home set up is unlikely to be appropriate for this.When you move into renting out your home, there are some changes that need to be made.

The Challenges of Preparing a Home for Rental

The two most important things to think about when preparing your home for a rental is, firstly, that the home is amenable for vacationers to live in and that the usual comforts are provided. Secondly, it’s about preparing the homefor the eventuality of having a mysterious new tenant staying in it, and how to limit things like accidental damage.

As mentioned, it isn’t the same thing as preparing a home for sale. Nonetheless, things like depersonalizing the space and taking good listings photos are preparing the home to be as attractive as possible are all things you need to do when renting a property to vacationers as well.


Here follows some brief tips to that end:

Be Able to Cover Expenses for a While

When you first put the home on the vacation home rentals market, you need to be prepared for nobody renting it for a while. You should therefore have savings set aside to cover the mortgage, bills, and maintenance in the event that you don’t find a tenant right away.

Do Up the Property

All the usualadvice applies here. You should clean the carpets, remove clutter, and maybe evendo some light renovation such as painting the walls or fixing the roof.

Add Some Extra Amenities

A home for a vacation needs to havean element of luxury. Things like effective wi-fi, a welcome basket, and selection of books and DVDs are a terrific way to prepare a home for holidaymakers.

Ultimately, you will not change your home so much when you’re going to move back into it again in the future, but there’s a definite process of preparation before putting it on the market.

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